Electroreductive Chemistry

Realizing Electricity as an “Imaginary Reagent”

Electricity is sometimes referred to as an “imaginary reagent” with its theoretically infinite, yet precisely controllable redox potential. We are extremely interested in developing methodologies that realize this statement by harnessing electricity to oxidize or reduce even the most tenacious of compounds. Particularly, our research efforts in electroreductive chemistry are aimed at enabling the activation of inert bonds for the construction of valuable connectivities such as carbon-carbon, carbon-boron, carbon-metal, and carbon-silicon bonds.

Representative Publications

Kim, H.; Kim, H.; Lambert, T.; Lin, S. “Reductive Electrophotocatalysis: Merging Electricity and Light to Achieve Extreme Reduction Potentials” JACS 2020, 142, 2087-2092. DOI: 10.1021/jacs.9b10678 [html] For the ChemRxiv preprint version, see [html]