Group Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule – Winter/Spring 2020

Wednesdays at 6:00pm in ST Olin 458

Date GM Presentation and Lab Tip/Safety Special Seminar
1/1 No meeting (New Year)
1/8 Hyunwoo (Research) Luiz (Special topic)
1/15 Devin (Research) Hyunwoo (Recent literature)
1/22 Juno (Research) Devin and James (Total synthesis/Denksport)
1/29 Xiangyu (Research) Juno (Reaction mechanism)
2/5 James (PhD work) Paper of the year

2/13 (Th)

Baker 125

Will (Research) Xiangyu (Special topic)
2/19 Liat (Research) Will and Luiz (Total synthesis/Denksport)
2/26 Jonas (UG work and research) Liat (Recent literature)

3/3 (T)

Baker 125

Weiyang (UG work and research) Jonas (Reaction mechanism)
3/11 Justin (UG work and research) Weiyang (Special topic)
3/18 Jinjian (Research) Justin and Juno (Total synthesis/Denksport)
3/25 Yifan (Research) Jinjian (Reaction mechanism)
4/1 Lingxiang (Research) Yifan (Recent literature)
4/8 Wen (Research) Lingxiang (Reaction mechanism)
4/15 UGs (Research)
4/22 No meeting (Princeton)
4/29 No meeting (Switzerland)
5/6 Terry (Research) Wen and Xiangyu (Total synthesis/Denksport)
5/13 Luiz (Research) Terry (Special topic)
5/20 James (Research)

Luiz (Reaction mechanism)