Our Group (Gone Virtual)

1st Row: Song, Jon, Zhipeng, Juno
2nd Row: Jonas, Yifan, James, Wen
3rd Row: Xiangyu, Luiz, Weiyang, Lingxiang
4th Row: Justin, Devin, Jose, Jinjian
Not pictured: Minsoo, Will, Greg, Halle

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Join us!

  • Students interested in pursuing their graduate studies with us should apply to the Ph.D. program in chemistry: graduate program application. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to email Song Lin.
  • Postdoctoral applications should be sent via email to Song Lin directly. Please include in the application package a curriculum vitae, 2-3 representative publications and the contact information of 3 professional references.
  • Undergraduate students interested in research in organic, inorganic and/or materials chemistry are welcome, and please send a curriculum vitae and current transcript to Song Lin.