Radical Relay Catalysis

The Radical Redox-Relay Strategy

Radical-based chemistry has long been a cornerstone of organic synthesis. However, catalyst-controlled stereoselective reactions involving free radical intermediates remain limited, and the discovery and control of such processes is highly desirable in the construction of complex structural motifs. Our research efforts in radical catalysis have focused on the design of novel chiral catalysts that can generate and stabilize radical intermediates while enforcing stereo- and regiocontrol needed for complex transformations. Important features of our redox-relay strategy include precise control over the (1) formation of radical species, (2) the transformation of these species into new radical intermediates, and (3) the termination of radical events to form the desired product. Our strategy has given rise to stereoselective methods for the preparation of valuable synthetic intermediates such as polysubstituted pyrrolidines, cyclopentanes, and allylic alcohols.

Representative Publications

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