Electrocatalysis in the Lin Lab

Our discoveries in the realm of electrocatalysis can be attributed to a strong grasp of the physical and mechanistic phenomena governing the design of electrocatalytic systems. In the past few years, we have employed electrocatalysis as a general approach for the difunctionalization of alkenes by compounding upon lessons learned from our previous findings. Our early research efforts led to the development of two generations of alkene diazidation reactions using transition metal and organic radical catalysis, respectively. We further applied this electrocatalytic radical mechanism to effect chemo- and regioselective heterodifunctionalization of alkenes, leading to the development of a variety of reactions including halotrifluoromethylation, haloalkylation and azidophosphinoylation. Importantly, we have also demonstrated enantioselective electrocatalysis in the context of cyanofunctionalization reactions. These developments showcase the generality of our electrocatalytic strategy in the context of alkene functionalization. We anticipate that electrocatalysis will play an increasingly important role in the ongoing Renaissance of synthetic electrochemistry.

Representative Publications

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Lu, L.; Fu, N.; Lin, S. “Three-Component Chlorophosphinoylation of Alkenes via Anodically Coupled Electrolysis” Synlett 2019, 30, 1199-1203. DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1689934 [html]
An invited contribution to the Cluster Electrochemical Synthesis and Catalysis


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